Tips before you buy solar panels

Many of us are facing this challenge nowadays due to the pandemic which forces us to stay at home and work at home… yeah you are right, the nightmare of our electric bills that haunts us.

A lot of us are already considering alternative ways just to cut down our electric bills. There are many energy saving gadgets out in the market and most of those are unreliable. One sure way is to install solar panels on your rooftop.

Hold your horses fellas!! Before you decide and call your solar contractor there are few things you can do first on how to reduce and save from your electric bills.

  • When using air-condition, set temperature to 25°C.
  • Make sure no air leakage on air-conditioned rooms.
  • Switch to LED lights. This will greatly reduce power consumption compared to regular bulbs and fluorescent lights.
  • Ironing clothes at the same time saves you more compare to doing it several times a day.
  • If you’re still using non inverter appliance… its time to consider one…
  • Unplug appliances not being use. This thing still consumes power even if its turned off.
  • Turn off lights whenever not in use.

These tips will eventually lowers the solar power capacity you’ll be needing thus giving you more savings.

If you have additional saving tips, please share it with us. Comment down below.

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