What drone are you using for aerial photography?

2015 when i started using drone for aerial photography. My first ever drone was a DJI phantom 3A. If i remember it right, it cost around P40,000 during that time. It was really an awesome piece of machine. Very stable footage and likewise the handling is superb.  Unfortunately i have to ditch it for a smaller drone since i seldom use it and i find it bulky for my needs. Most of the time I only fly when I have to take photos and footage of rooftops survey and after solar panels installation. Not to mention when we travel for on-site solar installations, with all the tools we carry, big drone is an extra baggage. So i got this DJI spark fly more combo. The size is perfect for on the go like us and it serves our needs. The downside here is, the battery lasts only about 10 to 12 minutes per fly so i have to bring it down and change battery before it gets going again. Though Charging is not an issue.. we got solar panels 🙂

Sharing one of the aerial photo using DJI Spark. Now that the small Mavic is out, do you think it’s worth giving up the DJI Spark? Let me know your thoughts. Comment down below.

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